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Our Story

At Pllatos Air Bar is a special dining place where we embrace the art of a symphony of flavours, textures, and emotions. Our journey began with a vision: to create a heaven where every bite transports you, where each sip is a revelation. Wow! the sun dipped below the horizon, casting warm hues upon sleek surfaces. The air, delicate and ethereal, carries whispers of culinary excellence. You step into Pllatos, and suddenly, you're part of something magical. The ambience—sophisticated yet invites you like an old friend.

Inspired by the multiple cuisines, Pllatos weave together ingredients, techniques, and imagination. From truffle-infused delicacies that tease your senses to a seafood symphony that echoes the ocean’s depths, every plate is a masterpiece. The flavours meld seamlessly, orchestrating a harmonious dance on your taste buds. As you savour each morsel, time slows down. The truffle risotto whispers of forests and earth. The grilled prawns evoke salty sea breezes. And the chocolate lava cake? It’s a sonnet to sweetness. Every meal becomes a celebration—an ode to the senses. Conversations flow, laughter echoes, and memories are etched in flavour.

Delicious RECIPES

Welcome to Pllato’s Air Bar, where foody magic unfolds! Our exclusive and special recipes are specially crafted by our expert chefs, promising an elevated dining experience. From the mouthwatering food delight to the exotic flavours, each creation takes your taste buds on a delightful journey. As you savour these unique fusions of ingredients and artistry, immerse yourself in our vibrant ambience.

Explore our menu and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining adventure where innovation harmonizes with tradition.


Rooftop Restaurant

Welcome to Pllato’s Air Bar, Imagine a place where flavors come alive, where every dish is a work of art. That’s Pllato’s Air Bar. Here’s our story: Pllato’s was born from a dream vision of creating a magical space where food and ambience blend seamlessly.

As you step in, you’ll feel it the warmth, the sophistication. Our rooftop setting offers stunning views of the city. Whether you’re at the bar or in a cozy corner, the ambiance wraps around you like a comforting hug. Our menu is a love letter to taste. From truffle-infused delights to fresh seafood, each dish is a masterpiece.

Pllatos at a Glance