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Pllatos, The Restro Air Bar, a perfect place where every visit becomes a fond memory, A place that not only brings good food, but a lovely and cozy ambiance, that would stay in your heart forever. The cozy vibes add a touch of luxury that arms with delectable cuisines for your loved ones. To add the pinch of making you special as ever, the signature Sky House that offers an elevated experience pairing it with delectable dishes, which brings a fusion of flavors of enjoyment and fun.

The soulful music and vibrant DJ Beats makes Pllatos standout and we are happy to mention that we reserve a place in our guest’s hearts. Whether you’re here for a fine dine experience or to bask in the company of loved ones, Pllatos is where every dish is served with a side of love. Join us and let your senses revel in the symphony of flavors and sounds at Pllatos, where every moment is a celebration of life.

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Sangria Soiree

Welcome to the vibrant world at Pllatos Air Bar, where your tastebuds await Sangria Soiree. Just picture this, you are sitting at the Sky House at Pllatos having a glass of a harmonious fusion of luscious red wine, succulent fruits, and a subtle hint of spirits—all meticulously crafted just for you.

As you unwind in the cozy ambiance, take that first sip of this refreshing Sangria. It’s the perfect way to tantalize your taste buds at Pllatos.

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Happy Hours

At Pllatos Air Bar, we celebrate every moment, The Happy Hours unfold here like a joyous flavors. Just imagine, the superb drinks and mouthwatering appetizers at discounted prices, everything is set against a vibrant backdrop. It’s the perfect recipe for joyous moments and unforgettable evenings.

The Pllatos family is ready to serve you with the best. Raise your glass to the blend of flavors at Pllatos Air Bar’s enticing Happy Hours!

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Cocktails Bliss

At Pllatos Air Bar, every sip is a luxurious invitation to bliss. Our expertly crafted beverages blend the premium spirits with fresh ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors in your mouth and we assure you that it’s eye pleasing too! As you savor each sip, the vibrant ambiance envelops you a sensory delight that elevates your time at Pllatos, which you can cherish forever.

Welcome to the platform of cocktail perfection at Pllatos!


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Welcome to Pllatos Air Bar! Our culinary heaven combines artistry with a lively ambiance. Get ready on a sensory journey, where food flavours take the center stage. From delightful bar bites to sumptuous main courses, the Pllatos menu promises an unforgettable feast. Whether you’re sipping a specially curated cocktail or opting for ever-refreshing mocktails, our categories drink selection caters to every palate.

The fusion of contemporary design and warm hospitality creates the perfect backdrop for memorable moments.

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Our Menu

Indulge in a culinary journey at Pllatos Air Bar with our diverse menu offerings. For lunch and dinner, savor exquisite choices ranging from delectable starters to sumptuous main courses, expertly prepared with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Experience the freshness of sea food dishes that capture the essence of the ocean. Join us during happy hours to enjoy specially crafted beverages that complement our vibrant atmosphere. From savory appetizers to mouth-watering entrees, Pllatos Air Bar promises a delightful dining experience, blending flavors and ambiance for an unforgettable meal. Dive into a world of culinary delights that cater to every palate.

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Happy Reviews

"Pllatos Air Bar offers a delightful experience with its trendy ambiance, diverse menu, and attentive staff. The sleek decor creates a modern atmosphere, complemented by an extensive selection of beverages. From refreshing mocktails to classic cocktails, the bar caters to various preferences. The culinary offerings are equally impressive, featuring a fusion of flavors that elevate the dining experience. The staff's professionalism and friendly demeanor contribute to an overall enjoyable visit. Pllatos Air Bar stands out as a must-visit destination for those seeking a vibrant and tasteful outing."

Aarav Sharma

"Pllatos Air Bar delivers a sublime experience, blending chic ambiance with exceptional service. The diverse menu caters to all palates, featuring imaginative cocktails and delectable bites. The skilled mixologists craft drinks that are both visually stunning and tantalizing to the taste buds. The rooftop setting adds an extra layer of charm, making Pllatos Air Bar a must-visit for those seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and flavor."

Diya Patel

"Pllatos Air Bar, an ethereal haven of culinary delights, transcends expectations with its enchanting ambiance and palate-pleasing concoctions. Nestled amidst blossoms of creativity, every sip and bite unveils a symphony of flavors, leaving patrons spellbound. Impeccable service and an otherworldly atmosphere make Pllatos Air Bar a celestial escape for gastronomic indulgence."

Arjun Kapoor

"Pllatos Air Bar is a sensory symphony that elevates the art of leisure. Nestled in elegance, it unfolds a tapestry of flavors, each sip a poetic dance on the palate. The ambiance, an ethereal embrace, transcends ordinary moments into an opulent odyssey. A haven where indulgence meets enchantment. Exquisite."

Anika Singh

"Pllatos Air Bar is a botanical haven for the senses. Nestled amidst ethereal blooms, it enchants with an ambrosial fusion of nature and elegance. Savoring exquisite cocktails becomes a poetic experience as floral fragrances dance through the air. The staff's gracious demeanor, coupled with the enchanting surroundings, elevates Pllatos to a celestial realm of refined indulgence. A sanctuary where libations and lush aesthetics intertwine harmoniously."

Rohan Verma

"Pllatos Air Bar is a celestial haven where ambrosial aromas dance with ethereal melodies. Impeccable mixology elevates libations to an art form, each sip a symphony of flavors. The ambiance, an opulent tapestry of sophistication, weaves a spellbinding tale. A sanctuary for the discerning, Pllatos transcends the ordinary, leaving patrons enchanted."

Priya Mehta

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